OOZ3D is a browser-based mesh and bones editor for creating and animating simple 3D models, for games or sharing online.


Our editor has been designed specifically for low polygon model making and has a simple, easy to use feature set.

Start from a blank canvas, select a preset model, or drag and drop an existing model from your computer.

Easily control all aspects of your mesh - Create and adjust points and triangles with the mouse, or by entering the coordinates manually for perfect precision.

Drag and drop textures from your desktop, then adjust the UV coordinates by mouse or entering the coordinates manually.


Rig your model using simple nodes / bones and control how each point is weighted individually.

Use our pose and animation editor to arrange your character, or blend poses together to create a fluid animation sequence.

Joints can be easily positioned by dragging any part of the model, while our IK-solver works under the hood to rearrange the skeleton.

Export & Share

Save your model straight to your harddrive so you can continue editing later, or export to different formats to use in other software (.obj, .collada)
Create an account to Share your model online with friends, or embed it in your website using simple HTML code.

Export a self-contained Javascript player to control your character. Use simple API calls to set the pose and camera angle, without having to worry about the complex math and graphics routines we've created to make it possible.

Export a stand-alone Android player to display your model on your phone, and in even in Stereoscopic 3D on supported devices.

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